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I sent my niece to KidsACT last summer and she enjoyed it so much she kept asking to go back even though the camp was done for the summer. The Creative Counselors were great. They made her feel like she could be herself. They had a variety of activities each day for the kids to do. They even went on field trips. I was looking for a camp that would give her something to do during the summer and KidsACT was definitely a perfect match! She's definitely looking forward to attending again this summer! Great job Counselors!

Sharon Seldon


KidsAct is an amazing opportunity for creative kids to explore many art disciplines - music, visual art, poetry, drama, and so much more! KidsAct is a great place for children to be creative, have fun, and meet new friends. I am also impressed with the camp's diverse curriculum and the professionalism of Ms. Tonya Mayo, KidsAct Founder and CEO. I look forward to teaching the awesome young people of KidsAct again this year!

Jennifer McGill Thompson

"Professional Artist"

Summer 2019 I was one of the Professional artist for one of the KidsACT clinics and I believe it is a wonderful way for the youth to broaden their horizons. The workshop I hosted was teaching the kids how to paint the first thing they could think of. This allowed me to share something I love in a way that I hadn’t been able to or even thought of doing before. It open doors not only for me but for the campers as well. I originally decided to do it workshop because the wonderful owner, Tonya Mayo, is a longtime friend of mine. When actually coming to the camp and beginning to demonstrate to the kids I could see that although I did it because she is a friend it was much more to it. It was a way for not only the kids to learn something new but, also to express themselves through something they possibly hadn’t before. It was very heartwarming to see how excited and intrigued the kids were to learn something from me, someone who normally only paints for leisure. I was able to share something that means so much to me with others and that alone was enough. Along with the fact it was my birthday and they made sure I felt special! Being able to be with the kids and the wonderful counselors was a great start to my day. I believe it is an experience that everyone should have. Overall, I had an amazing time and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it; I would do it every year God allowing. That was the first year and I know it’ll only get better from here!

Ayanna Agurs

"Professional Artist"

Jada Loving & Rian Davis

"Small Creative Artist"

Rieko Copeland

"Professional Artist"

Arianna Fox

"Small Creative Artist"

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