Kids Are Creative Thinkers is a summer camp for young aspiring artists where they are free to creative expression. Founded in March of 2019, Tonya Mayo has found it vital to understand and collaborate with artists around the community and give our children open space to find their creative outlet.

In light of COVID-19, it is our priority to keep our parents and small creative artists safe! We are taking our summer camp to the next level and engaging with our SCAs online through workshops & activities! 

KidsACT was founded to expose, encourage and empower children, also known as Small Creative Artists (SCAs),through all arts forms while discovering their creative outlet(s). We want your SCA to feel challenged, comfortable taking risks and open to creative expression.

Our Mission

Our Vision

KidsACT will employ creative learning strategies and introduce creative outlets through workshops, field trips, mentoring, and hands-on activities that are shared with the community. This is a new and innovative program that will help increase the number of successful students in local schools through an improvement of grades as well as social and emotional intelligence!

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