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Nyla Murray

Movement & Hip-Hop Exploration

Nyla Murray (NYLADINA) is a young spiritual woman, performing artist, student, and choreographer. She has been cultivating her creative mind through dance and choreography, alongside her sister (Niambi Sala from OSHUN), since age six. NYLADINA was born in Atlanta, raised in the D.C. Metropolitan Area, and currently resides in Philadelphia, where she is earning a BFA in Dance from the University of the Arts.Nyla was raised by parents and grandparents of the Pan-African movement in America, a cultural and political worldview that recognizes the importance of solidarity for all people of African descent. Her awareness of self and Africa as the cradle of civilization underpins much of her work. Nyla's dance and choreographic aesthetic challenges the internal and external norms placed on black bodies by society and explores rage, pleasure, and healing. Currently, Nyla is forming her own arts business enterprise. 

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