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Nyah Duckworth

Moving Meditation - Listening with Contact Improvisation


All About Love: Short Poems

Nyah Duckworth is a Philadelphia based interdisciplinary dance artist committed to the continuous expression of developed, activated, and innovative spaces. In May 2020, she will graduate from University of the Arts with a BFA in Dance and minors in Business and Creative Writing. She has performed works by artists such as Doug Varone, Jesse Zaritt, Beth Gill, Gary Jeter, and Marguerite Hemmings, among others. Nyah has six years’ experience in compositional improvisation and performing improvised collaborative works. She is invested in intertwining movement and writing, inviting contact improvisation and poetry into her practice to activate sensory awareness and explore possibility. Her current research engages meditative world-building from the source of memory, history, or a reimagining while entangled in the necessity and complexities of touch. In the near future, Nyah hopes to obtain a master’s degree. She believes creativity comes from open and inquiring minds. 

Moving Meditation

All About Love

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