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Take a Look at a Workshop from KidsACT Virtual Summer Camp

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KidsACT Role

As a black owned business, it is our priority and duty to not only create a safe space but a brave space for children who have the right to be heard! Throughout this virtual experience, we will discover our creative outlets and ways to express ourselves through dance, poetry, music, drama, and photography/videography! How can we navigate our emotions of sadness, happiness, anger and uncertainty for a positive outcome? 

Please remember you have a voice and it deserves to be heard. You have the power to make a change! Please consider making a difference for your society⁣.

Kids Are Creative Thinkers provides the opportunity to challenge children from 4-12 to be creative and explore and willing to take risks by exposing, empowering and encouraging them through performing arts, visual arts and creative writing! We will have our virtual summer camp dates coming out very soon so please stay tuned! 



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KidsACT LLC strives to collaborate with working artist in the community for our small creative artist and we want YOU! Want to learn more, click the link!


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