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Sierra Sigmone

Sip & Paint

Sierra Sigmone was born in Cheverly, MD.  She is currently attending the University of Maryland, seeking a dual degree in Studio Art and Architecture, and double minoring in Real Estate Development and Sustainability.   Sierra took art classes at the MTC Art Studios, taught by Mrs. Mavis Turner, where she helped cultivate Sierra’s art and made her the artist she is today.


In addition to the fine arts, Sierra enjoys photography, and baking. She has had a plethora of experience in the professional art field, including: teaching art to kids through summer camp and AmeriCorp, helping to design and being the youngest of a three-person art team to create a mural on Route 1 for the Paint Branch Community,  being mentored by international fashion designer KAZ, being an assistant to internal artist Maryanne Pollock, and is currently an intern for See In Colors.

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